S400SX Turbocharger

BorgWarner’s first performance turbocharger. Designed to race. Built to win.

Designed to Race

S400SX S400SX

Deeloped as a joint effort between BorgWarner and GM’s in-house racing program in 2004, AirWerks turbochargers were designed to create reliable and consistent boost for GM’s Pro FWD (front-wheel drive) sport compact racecars. After several meetings with the GM Racing team, basic design and performance targets were established. The first units were built as prototypes, and the suffix “X” was added to the standard model nomenclature to help distinguish this unique motorsport component from the standard commercial product assembled at the same BorgWarner location.

The AirWerks S400SX is a serviceable twin hydrodynamic journal bearing turbocharger with a high-pressure ratio compressor stage utilizing extended-tip technology and a high-efficiency turbine stage. This specialized turbocharger configuration provides ultra-fast response and more than 70 PSI of boost.

Setting Records

By the end of the 2005 race season, the S400SX had begun to create a presence in the sport compact arena. The GM Racing Cobalt was the first and only FWD four-cylinder to surpass 200 mph in the quarter mile. The Cobalt also ran the fastest FWD pass ever in 7.292 seconds at 201.61 mph. The very same year, Brent Rau pushed his Mitsubishi Eclipse to a new elapsed time (ET) record of 6.976 seconds and established a new Pro Outlaw RWD (rear-wheel drive) record of 198.29 mph.


Continuing the Legacy

Today, AirWerks S400SX turbochargers are built for high-performance applications and offer numerous unique turbine housing flow characteristics.

This same technology is also available in other sizes, including:

  • S200SX: Inducer sizes ranging from 50 mm to 57 mm
  • S300SX: Inducer sizes ranging from 60 mm to 69 mm
  • S400SX: Inducer sizes ranging from 67 mm to 82 mm
  • S500SX: Inducer sizes ranging from 88 mm to 95 mm