Turbocharging for commercial vehicles and industrial engines

Our product portfolio for commercial vehicles includes further developments of conventional turbochargers both with and without waste gates, turbochargers with variable turbine geometry (VTG) and regulated multi-stage turbocharging systems (R2S®), which offer seamless coverage of the power range from 50 to 1,000 kW. As a system supplier with a holistic approach and full scope expertise, we not only find the best solution for every application and every market requirement, we also optimize the entire system of the internal combustion engine through integration in modern engine management systems.

All our turbocharging systems are characterized by excellent efficiency and broad flow compressor wheel characteristics, by dynamic response and flexible, extremely precise regulation. An individual application design and compact packaging ensure optimum adjustment to the physical installation constraint of the respective engine and vehicle. For example, we offer integrated solutions with cast-on exhaust manifolds.

Through continuous further development we constantly improve fuel consumption, performance and emission values. The latest generation of compressor wheels and turbines ensures optimum thermodynamic results. With the further development of materials and processing methods – such as milled compressor wheels – we not only optimize the performance, but also the durability and reliability of our turbocharging systems.

In addition to this, for many years our customers have enjoyed important competitive advantages in engine development through our intensive research and major investments in predevelopment as the worldwide technological leader. The regulated 2-stage system (R2S®), the world’s first VTG turbocharger for the off-highway segment and turbocharging systems that enable the Tier 4, EPA 2010 or Euro6 emissions standards to be met with zero issues are just three examples of BorgWarner’s innovative power.

It is hard to imagine modern commercial vehicle engines without some form of exhaust gas turbocharging. After all, only with turbochargers is it possible to signifi cantly reduce fuel consumption, meet ever stricter emissions standards and design commercial vehicles that offer high performance while also satisfying the economic goals of their operators.

And the potential offered by exhaust gas turbocharging is far from being fully exploited. With innovative technologies, such as the latest generation of VTG units or the regulated 2-stage system (R2S®), BorgWarner continues to demonstrate that even today’s refined systems offer potential for significant improvements with regard to economy, environmental friendliness and dynamic driving performance.

Turbocharging systems for commercial diesel engines

The special requirements in the commercial vehicle sector:

  • High degrees of efficiency
  • Dynamic response
  • Broad scope compressor wheel/turbine characteristics
  • Robustness and reliability
  • Highly cost effective
  • Flexible, precise regulation
  • Compact packaging
  • Diverse concepts for exhaust gas processing

Our solutions:

  • Finely staggered range of the latest compressor wheel and turbine variants
  • New B-series – developed for the requirements of future commercial vehicle engines
  • New VTG BV generation in various sizes and performance classes
  • Regulated 2-stage systems (R2S®)
  • Titanium compressor wheels
  • Single flow, dual flow and water-cooled turbine casings
  • Integrated waste gates and boost pressure control valves in various designs
  • Turbochargers with water-cooled turbine and bearing housings, also available with integrated boost pressure control valves
  • Space-saving designs with integrated components

With our new B series and the familiar turbochargers from the K and S series, which also employ waste gates, we offer you sophisticated and high performance turbocharging systems for low to mid power densities. These systems seamlessly cover the entire performance range from 50 to 600 kW per turbocharger. The broad spectrum of sizes and types ensures that we can always find exactly the right unit to meet the most varied of demands in the fields of commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery, industrial engines and marine engines.

The K, S and new B series turbochargers are not only particularly efficient, they also offer a high degree of reliability, durability and the excellent quality for which BorgWarner is renowned. In many applications that also require extreme robustness along-side a high level of cost efficiency, our turbochargers with waste gate are currently unparalleled.

Our BV range includes pioneering turbocharging systems with variable turbine geometry which ensure precise adjustment to the respective engine operating point. Optimum power output with the greatest fuel efficiency is the result of this advanced technology. BorgWarner is the only manufacturer that can offer many years of experience in the use of VTG technology in the commercial vehicle and off-highway segment. From the BV55, right up to the BV86, we offer a finely staggered portfolio of units that enable optimum coordination and matching of the turbocharging system with the requirements of our customers. Our BV series, for example, covers diesel engines with displacement from 4 to 16 liters (244 to 976 cubic inches). A robust VTG mechanism ensures that our BV turbo chargers operate efficiently and reliably, even under the toughest conditions. The BV turbochargers achieve their extremely high degree of efficiency through a CFD-optimized (Computational Fluid Dynamics) vane design in connection with specially developed turbine wheels. Our BV turbochargers can be combined with pneumatic actuators or with electrical actuators developed specifically for this application. This in-house development offers massive advantages for the entire system. For applications with severe thermal loads, we also offer water-cooled bearing castings as an option.

Our regulated 2-stage systems (R2S®) represent the pinnacle in exhaust gas turbocharging. This high performance turbocharging system for diesel engines, which combines a small high-pressure turbo and a larger low-pressure turbo, opens up completely new possibilities for optimization of performance, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions values. This is why more and more manufacturers throughout the world are now employing this pioneering technology.

Our R2S® systems allow significant increases in power density and thereby downsizing of the engine, which in turn offers considerable reductions in fuel consumption. At the same time, the transient response is improved even further compared to VTG. The R2S® technology allows high exhaust gas recirculation rates, even under full load conditions, and thereby drastically reduces NOx emissions. Regulated 2-stage systems (R2S®) can also be combined with VTG technology. As pioneer of this technology, we have comprehensive experience in the planning, design and manufacture of R2S® turbochargers.