Turbocharging for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles

Our product portfolio for light vehicles includes further developments of classic turbochargers, high performance turbocharging systems with variable turbine geometry and multi-stage, regulated turbocharging systems that offer seamless coverage of the power range from 20 to 250 kW per turbocharger.

As a system supplier with a holistic approach and full scope competency, we not only fi nd the best solution for every vehicle and every market requirement, we also optimize the entire system of the internal combustion engine through perfect integration in modern engine management systems.

All our turbocharging systems are characterized by excellent efficiency and broad scope impeller characteristics, by dynamic response and flexible, extremely precise regulation. An individual design and compact packaging ensure optimum adjustment to the physical installation circumstances of the respective engine and vehicle. For example, we offer integrated solutions with cast on exhaust manifolds and mufflers.

Through continuous further development we constantly improve fuel consumption, performance and emission values. For example, for low pressure exhaust gas recirculation we use special impellers that allow significant reduction of NOx emissions. The latest generation of impellers and turbines ensures optimum thermodynamic results.

With the further development of materials and processing methods – such as milled impeller wheels – we not only optimize the performance, but also the durability and reliability of our turbocharging systems. In addition to this, for many years our customers have enjoyed important competitive advantages in engine development through our intensive research and major investments in predevelopment as the worldwide technological leader. The regualted two-stage R2S® boosting system, the world’s first gasoline VTG or the first trubocharging system for extreme exhaust gas temperatures of up to 1050°C are just a few examples of BorgWarner’s innovative force.

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