With our ideas, the humble diesel engine is enjoying the time of its life

Impressive economy has always been the domain of the diesel engine. However, with turbocharging systems from BorgWarner, the diesel engine is entering entirely new dimensions in terms of response, performance and smooth running. And all of this with even better fuel consumption and emissions values. So it comes as no surprise that more and more auto manufacturers are offering their top end luxury models and even coupés and cabrios with modern turbodiesel engines – an approach that customers seem to greatly appreciate.

It is hard to imagine modern light commercial vehicles, offroad vehicles and SUVs without turbodiesel engines. Yet even in this market, we continue to achieve significant improvements with regard to economy, environmental friendliness and dynamic driving performance through use of innovative technologies.

The turbocharging systems for diesel engines

The special requirements of diesel engines:

  • High efficiency
  • Broad scope impeller characteristics
  • Flexible, precise regulation
  • Dynamic response
  • Individual design
  • Compact packaging

Our solutions:

  • New generation of turbines and impellers for the highest specific engine output
  • New VTG generation BV in various sizes and performance classes
  • 2-stage controlled boosting (R2S®TM)
  • Regulation via pneumatic and electrical actuators
  • Special design solutions based on the space available, for example with integrated components such as exhaust manifolds and other parts

With our KP and K0 turbocharger ranges, which use waste gates, we offer you sophisticated and high performance turbocharging systems for low to mid power densities.

The range stretches from the extremely compact KP31, right up to the K03 for light commercial vehicles. With this range we offer seamless coverage for engine displacements from approximately 0.8 to 3.0 liters – and provide you with the best possible turbocharger based on your requirements and the space available.

The K turbochargers are particularly affordable, yet are highly robust and manufactured to the familiar, high BorgWarner quality standards.

Our BV range includes pioneering turbocharging systems with variable turbine geometry which ensure precise adjustment to the respective engine operating points. Optimum power output with the greatest fuel efficiency is the result of this advanced technology.

The BV turbochargers achieve their extremely high degree of efficiency through a CFD-optimized and BorgWarner patented vane design. A robust VTG mechanism ensures that the turbocharger operates efficiently, reliably and durably, even under the toughest of conditions.

The BV turbochargers can be combined with pneumatic actuators with position sensors or with electrical actuators. For applications with severe thermal loads, we also offer water-cooled bearing casings as an option. The BV range stretches from the BV35 right up to the BV50 and thereby covers diesel engines with displacements of 1.2 to 3.0 liters.

Our 2-stage regulated R2S® turbochargers represent the pinnacle in exhaust gas turbocharging. This high performance turbocharging system for diesel engines, which employs a small high-pressure turbo and a larger low-pressure turbo, opens up completely new possibilities for optimization of performance, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions values.

Our R2S® systems allow significant increases in power density and thereby downsize the engine, which in turn offers considerable reductions in fuel consumption. At the same time, the transient response is improved even further compared to VTG. The R2S® technology allows high exhaust gas recirculation rates even under full load conditions and thereby drastically reduces NOx emissions. Two-stage regulated turbocharging systems can also be combined with VTG technology. As pioneer of this technology we have comprehensive experience in the planning, design and manufacture of R2S® turbochargers for light vehicles and light commercial vehicles. The keys to successful implementation in these light vehicle segments are compact design and optimum integration. We already cover all market segments, from light vehicles with 1.9 liter engines, all the way up to heavy duty pick-ups with 6.4 liter engines.